Kontentum Society is

A collaboration of musicians, producers and writers with a common interest in music, composition, philosophy and communication.

And to do so the world needs more music. 

Playlist (purpose & strategy)

Kontentum Society is based on the idea that even though music is idiosyncratic and independent in sound and style it is almost always relatable to other music.

Kontentum Society are working actively with strategies for playlisting music – artistic and philosophical strategies and strategies of communication.

The concept of the playlist is ideal for communicating this especially if music relates to a specific philosophy or artistic vision, this can be communicated clearly in a environment of mixed artists and tracks. 

Kontentum Society believe that putting music together can bring people together.

Kontentum Society is working with an ideal of diversity. Diversity across nationality, gender, race, age etc.

Fields of music

Kontentum Society is not defined by styles or genres but by music that contains the intention and/or the possibility of reflection. That being artistic, philosophical or political reflection.

But of course the artistic profile of the artists behinds Kontentum Society is reflected in the strategies. So, the musical field is related to:

Electronic sound and music, indie, classical music from 1900 the onwards, spiritual jazz and minimalism.


The artists behind Kontentum Society are releasing music, text, podcasts and videos in their own name, in collaborations and plays all a present part in Danish music. 

Founding and formalities

Kontentum Society is a development of the independent music label Kontentum founded in 2012 by Jakob Thorkild Overgaard.

Kontentum is part of DUP (Danske Uafhængige Pladeselskaber)

CVR: 29290857

Demo policy: We have none

Contact: society@kontentum.net