Independent Danish label founded in 2012. Kontentum Label has released music by Jeppe Højgaard, Jakob Thorkild Overgaard and Nox Tenebrae.

Musical Approach

Kontentum Society is not defined by styles or genres but by music that contains the intention and/or the possibility of reflection. That being artistic, philosophical or political reflection.

Kontentum is working from the premise that music, as innocent as it may be holds an unlimited potential for the human perception.

And having this potential Kontentum thinks that musical sound can be a strong ingredient in generel well-being.

Kontentum Label are based on the idea of regarding the history of art-music as our tool for producing music. Combing classical sonic ideas, styles and methods with concepts of improvisation, electronic music and sound art working the way into a contemporary relevant sound and philosophical stand.

This famous quote by modernist composer Alban Berg has a special significants in the eyes, ears and minds of Kontentum Label:

Music is at once the product of feeling and knowledge, for it requires from its disciples, composers and performers alike, not only talent and enthusiasm, but also that knowledge and perception which are the result of protracted study and reflection.

Founding and formalities

Kontentum Label is a development of the independent music label Kontentum founded in 2012 by Jakob Thorkild Overgaard.

Kontentum is part of DUP (Danske Uafhængige Pladeselskaber)

  • CVR: 29290857
  • Bank: Merkur Andelskasse, Reg. nr.: 8401 Kontonr.: 000
  • Revision: Byens Revisionskontor, Højgaards Alle 14, 2900 Hellerup


Kontentum Label has established a partnership with the label Elektriske Optagelser owned by cinematic producer Tomas Raae. The two independent labels are combing resources in terms of skills, knowledge, network and distribution.



Demo Policy

We have none