Musical Approach

Kontentum Society is not defined by styles or genres but by music that contains the intention and/or the possibility of further reflection. That being artistic, philosophical or political reflection.

And having this potential Kontentum thinks that musical sound can be a strong ingredient in generel well-being.

Kontentum Label are based on the idea of regarding the history of art-music as our tool for producing music. Combing classical sonic ideas, styles and methods with concepts of improvisation, electronic music and sound art working the way into a contemporary relevant sound and philosophical stand.

Founding and formalities

Kontentum Label was founded in 2012.

Kontentum Label is part of DUP (Danske Uafhængige Pladeselskaber)

  • CVR: 29290857
  • Bank: Merkur Andelskasse, Reg. nr.: 8401 Kontonr.: 1076910
  • Revision: Byens Revisionskontor, Højgaards Alle 14, 2900 Hellerup


Kontentum Label has established a partnership with the label Elektriske Optagelser. The two independent labels are combing resources in terms of skills, knowledge, network and distribution.



Demo Policy

We have none