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Short Bio

The Kontentum founder Jakob Thorkild Overgaard (JATO) is an experienced coach and consultant. Apart from a masters degree in musicology, a line of artistic production in music and to a lessor degree writings going 20 years back as a continuous practice, he has taken additional courses in business and strategy and coaching.

For quite many years he worked as an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, Dep. Of Arts And Cultural Studies, Musicology and functioned as teamleader, business developer and concert promoter in a large venue in Copenhagen.

He is a member of the teaching staff at The Royal Academy Of Music Dep. Aalborg the education for Electronic Sound & Music where he also works as a student counsellor and is assigned as a supporting teacher under Aarhus University.

I have a strong interest in observing; art in all aspects, society, politics, market, people, history, spirituality etc. This holistic experience I strive to implant in life in generel and in all aspects of my professional practise.

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JATO is available for individual sessions, group sessions and sometimes public appearance.


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