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Art Sleaze

By Jakob Thorkild Overgaard (JATO) with

P.O. Jørgens (drums)

Nils Bo Davidsen (electric bass)

Art Sleaze (2014) marks the 1st chapter of The Grenzgänger Trilogy (2014-2018).

This album has the intention of materializing and express the 1st and aestetic state as described by Danish existentialist, Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855).

The album is performed and recorded by P.O. Jørgens on drums and Nils Bo Davidsen on electric bass.

Rebellious deconstruction – a tradition without memory
With the album Art Sleaze, Jakob Thorkild Trio has created a musical universe that mixes jazz and punk together in an intense and physical energy discharge, which at times leaves the listener short of breath. Such a mix of genres is not a new phenomenon in various branches of improvisational music and in this way Art Sleaze leans musically up to the Downtown stage in New York, where especially the musician John Zorn in the 1980s was one of the most innovative and radical musicians.
Art Sleaze thus conceptually draws on a long musical tradition to mix genres and deconstruct jazz music so that it opens up for new experiments. A tradition where the British guitarist Derek Bailey must also be mentioned, as his understanding of free improvisation as “playing without memory”, is an extreme expression of the constant search to break musical boundaries.
Art Sleaze is rebellious jazz that physically grabs the listener. It is curious music that in a balanced way plays with music genres, the sound is raw and dirty and everything is delivered as if it were a punk band in a rehearsal room.

Art Sleaze reviewed by Thomas Bak Jørgensen in the magazinne Seismograf, 2014 (translated by Kontentum

Bold, provocative yet highly enjoyable in its uncompromising manner.

Art Sleaze reviewed by Israeli Critic Eyal Hareuvani, 2014