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Be Strong

By Jakob Thorkild Overgaard


Nils Bo Davidsen (electric bass)

P.O. Jørgens (drums)

Be Strong marks the 2nd chapter of The Grenzgänger Trilogy (2014-2018). Now with the intention of materializing and express the 2nd and aesthetic state as described by Danish existentialist, Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855).

The album is, like Art Sleaze, performed and recorded by P.O. Jørgens on drums and Nils Bo Davidsen (electric bass).

But even though ‘Be Strong’, despite its inaccessibility, may not be a metal album, it is still an album that makes the listener ask himself fairly essential questions. And it must, if anything, be a success criterion for all abstract art.

Danish music critic and reviewer, Emil Hansen (translated from danish by Kontentum (link), wrote: