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By Jakob Thorkild Overgaard (JATO) with

Anna Mose (voice, processing)

Andrea Rebekka Alsted (electric violin)

Devotional marks the 3rd chapter of The Grenzgänger Trilogy (2014-2018). Now with the intention of materializing and express the 3rd and religious state as described by Danish existentialist, Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855).

The album is performed and recorded by Anna Mose (IKI, Gerda Monroe) on voice and electronic processing and Andrea Rebekka Alsted (DR Symphony Orchestra) on electric violin.

Danish music critic and reviewer, Niels Overgaard (translated from danish by kontentum (link), wrote:

[…] The noise is still present. Clearest and most concrete on numbers like Angelus and Behold (characters). Jakob Thorkild’s disturbing guitar is a class of its own. When he collects and creates moods as on Behold (Signs), it reveals a deep and persistent ability to develop and create music. Jakob Thorkild creates religious music that experiments with Arvo Pärt in the background. These are not coincidences we are exposed to. Devotional is a highlight within the newer Danish avant-garde. It is a highly recommendable release.