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His Name Is John

His Name Is John (2020)

By Tomas Raae

His Name Is John is the name of an album with a special intention: To create a sound expression that through semiotics and improvisation creates a reflective experience shaped by history, esoteric spirituality, wonder and hope.

Bassist and producer Tomas Raae has for 24 months continuously collected recordings partly of his own improvisations on double bass and partly of the participating musicians and has in the process had a close focused at the significance of the individual recordings.

At the same time, the goal has been to create a collection of songs that through recognizable means and associations to jazz, meditative music, the sound of double bass and improvisation and create a starting point for a deeper listening experience and reflection process.

Pastor in Taastrup Nykirke Parish, Rønnevang Parish, Elisabeth Novrup Børch has listened to His Name Is John:

The music gives me a feeling of being taken to another country, a country where everyday life is slower and calmer and where the sun burns strongly. It is the sound of walking in a desert – both a physical walk, but also a mental walk as the music with the simple and effective exotic harmonies insistently calls for; that one relaxes and lets the mind wander. The musical universe is naked, which makes room for me as a listener. It exudes peace and warmth […] Meditative music can sometimes act as background music, but these tracks require something of one and force one to listen.

His Name Is John is the result of a lengthy work process. The album has been created on the basis of a long series of conversations and readings as well as a trip to Sanary Sur Mer and Bandol in the South of France. The traces in this study and reflection process have been the recordings for His Name Is John.

Tomas Raae: double bass/bowed guitar, Tine Vitkov: clarinet, Emil Goldsmith: clarinet, Canberk Ulas: duduuk, Victor Dybbroe: Percussion, Jakob Thorkild Overgaard: quiet noise from guitar.

 Cover photos: Iben Lignel, Master: Brian Mørk Hansen,

Recorded, mixed & made by Tomas Raae

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