Jakob Thorkild Overgaard

Jakob Thorkild Overgaard is a Danish musical artist, teacher, writer & entrepreneur. Primarily working with conceptual music in electronic, experimental and improvised music in a field between music, literature and academia.

I really love music

“My background is primarily in experimental music (improvisation, electronics, looping, noise, experimental jazz etc), but I have also worked in pop and composed music in a more traditional sense.
I’m working as a lecturer at The Education for Electronic Sound and Music (ELM), DJM, Aalborg.

I’m specialized in a holistic approach to music education. I believe that the creation of music exists in a constant flux of impressions and expressions from everywhere. From history, contemporary life, music, art people – continue the list. Having this materializing into actual music, is my main interest and professional speciality.

I’m working with many different methods of conversation and creative approaches and I always take vantage point in the specific person and the specific task that needs to be solved or developed.

I mainly work out of Copenhagen (DK), Silkeborg (DK) and Aalborg (DK) and of course online”.

Jakob Thorkild Overgaard​

Cand. Mag (masters degree in musicology)