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Modern Persuasion (2015)

BodaBoda Duo (Bjørn Heebøll; drums, Jakob Thorkild Overgaard; electric guitar)


Peter Brötzmann (reeds)

Modern Persuasion is the 6th album by Danish avantgarde constellation BodaBoda Duo.

This album is performed and recorded in collaboration with German saxophone icon, Peter Brötzmann (1941). Brötzmann has in his lifelong carrier going back to the 60’s played a magnificent part of the scene for improvised music, avantgarde and neo-jazz in the world.

International music critic and reviewer, Martin Schrey (link), wrote:

“The Beauty“ starts with Brötzmann’s typical call to arms accompanied by a guitar that sounds like a maelstrom of screws and nails, while the drumming is in the best Paal Nilssen-Love tradition. Brötzmann blows like in the old days with Bennink and Van Hove, supported by Heebøll’s light-speed cymbal work and mad guitar loops by Thorkild – as if Pat Metheny was on chrystal meth. “Designed“, the second track, opens with a furious yet bluesy Brötzmann solo and when the band drops in they add microtonal staccato shredder before the guitar changes its tone and sound to a more rock-orientated approach that reminds of Living Colour’s Vernon Reid going thrash metal. But then something magical happens: the music stops, only a guitar feedback remains, as if there was a new whole piece.  And while the drums add rimshot barrage at the end, the guitar changes to Spacemen 3’s two-tone “Walk with Jesus“ theme. At this moment alternative rock psychedelia meets hyperactive drumming while Brötzmann displays his Ayler roots. These eight minutes alone are worth listening.

BodaBoda Duo stage performance.

BodaBoda Duo stage performance.