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Happy New Year 2024

So, this is the first workday after the Christmas holiday for me. 2024 has started off with heavy weather: snow, wind, and storms. Nevertheless, at Kontentum, we are looking very much forward to this year.

A new collaboration with an amazing artist has seen the light of day – more about that soon.

The album ‘Poetic Terrain / Sense Verity’ by Tomas is soon to be released.

The album ‘Sacred Equation’ by Jakob Thorkild is set to be released on January 26.

Four reworks by the artist Seraphic Verdant are being released in early spring.

A new recording, utilizing three metronomes in piccolo size, is scheduled for later this month.

A printed poster (limited edition) of the artwork from the album ‘Sacred Equation’ will be released.

Hopefully, a lot of new and important collaborations will emerge.

Thanks, and take good care of others and yourself.


Jakob Thorkild Overgaard, Kontentum.