New single by Jakob Thorkild out November 24:

FRANK by Jakob Thorkild (released 24112023)

TROLLÖN by Tomas Raae (released 17112023)

MARIETTE by Jakob Thorkild (released 20102023)

AKRANES by Tomas Raae (released 061023)

ELIZABETH, released 150923


aug 23

86747 streams on Urban Faint Live [21]

This is truly amazing. The album was released March 31, 2023. Soon Urban Faint will be available for live-performance. Stay…
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aug 23

In the pipeline

So, the forthcoming single, Elizabeth, is in the pipeline for release September 15. The single will be part of the…
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jul 23


This is truly great! Congratulation to Tomas for this amazing achievement:
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jun 23

May according to Tomas Raae

So, it’s quite amazing to witness the succes of the three albums With The Dim The Darkness Came, His Name…
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mar 23

Urban Faint – release today

Today marks the day of release of the album Urban Faint (Live ’21). The band Urban Faint performing music by…
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mar 23

222.667 streams on Spotify alone

It’s such a privilige to work with composer, producer & bass player, Tomas Raae, who amazing work are creating such…
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jan 23

Yohanan! New single from Tomas Raae

This is the third single from the forthcoming album by Urban Faint – the live constellation of Tomas Raae.
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dec 22

Allready streaming

The 2nd single of forthcoming album by Tomas Raae in the constellation Urban Faint.
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okt 22

With The Dim The Darkness Came (Live 21)

So, today marks the release of the track With The Dim The Darkness Came (Live 21) by Tomas Raae. This…
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